2016 Topps Chrome Complete Set Sapphire Edition


News of this set was announced via Topps’ Twitter account on August 22, 2016.  Topps also noted on their Twitter account that the set would be released on August 24 2016.

*Although scheduled for an August 24, release, this set was actually released on August 23.

By running some quick calculations, one can see that if only 250 sets are being produced and two superfractors are included in each set (totaling 500), that 200 are missing.  However, Topps disclosed that the 200 superfractors from the widely distributed Topps Chrome set will not be repeated in this set.  Thus, one can assume that the superfractors from each set will have the same design so that all 700 will match.

From Topps.com:

  • First time ever to offer all 700 cards from Series 1 & 2 in Chrome
  • Only 250 sets produced
  • 2 Superfractors per box (500 subjects)
  • At least 13 Sapphire 65th anniversary parallel cards # to 5 per set (700 subjects)
  • Base cards are Blue Sapphire (700 subjects)
  • 715 Cards per set
  • Printed on chrome technology
  • Comes in high-end material special collectors


The checklist can be downloaded here.


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