Ever Wanted To See The Patent for the BGS Holder?

If you’ve ever wondered what makes up the slab that is the Beckett Grading Services you are in for a treat today!  Below is an excerpt from and a link to the patent for the BGS slab.  Check it out! It’s an interesting read!

A card display system of the present device includes a transparent first shell part and a transparent second shell part. The first shell part has a perimeter that includes a flange that extends outwardly of the inner surface of the first shell part. The second shell part has a perimeter that is sized to matingly engage the flange of the first shell part. The inner surface of the second shell part includes a card holding depression positioned within the perimeter of the second shell part. A transparent card holding sleeve having substantially the same dimensions as the card holding depression is positionable within the card holding depression. The first and second shell parts are sealed together to encase a card.

Source: Patent US6295750 – System for displaying cards – Google Patents

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How To Get Someone From USPS On The Phone

Recently, I returned an order to Walmart.com but it never reached it’s destination and I’m still in the process of getting my money back.  However, this is more about the USPS and how difficult it is to get an actual person on the phone.  During my investigation as to what happened to my package and trying to figure out whose fault it actually was, I made several calls to the USPS using their toll free number.  But, after making several calls and trying multiple option combinations to try to get an actual person on the phone and not just the automated system, I don’t think I’ve ever been so irritated with a company’s lack of customer service.

So, one day I decided to do a Google search to see if anyone else had either had the same problems or maybe even a solution.  Well, I was in luck! I actually found an Etsy discussion post with my exact problem and a possible solution!

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