Pinnacle Bankruptcy PDF File From 2001

The link below will take you to the PDF file for the bankruptcy proceedings for Pinnacle Trading Cards held in September 2001 in Delaware.

Many brand names will be mentioned in the file including Pinnacle, Donruss, Leaf, and Hershey.

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Panini America says Prizm proof cards are not legitimate

October 7, 2016

Author: Blowout Buzz


A number of eBay auctions containing what are being called proof cards or test cards of Panini America‘s Prizm cards aren’t what they are being presented to be.

Panini released a statement on Friday noting that these cards were not made — at least in this fashion — by the company.


“These ‘Prizm Proofs’ are in no way produced by us or obtained through us or our vendor,” said the company’s statement. “We don’t produce ‘negatives’ for proofing purposes. These items are most likely being produced in the aftermarket using authentic Prizm cards and being misrepresented as something that they’re not.”

In fact they are likely just standard Prizm cards where the cardboard backing layer has been carefully removed. Despite this, a number of auctions show these cards with asking prices substantially higher than base cards. And a number of the cards have sold, too.

Fleer To Acquire Asher Candy Canes

November 21, 1989 By George Lazarus.

Fleer Corp., best known as one of the bubble gum giants, is looking for a bite of the candy business.

Fleer, based in Philadelphia, Monday confirmed it is acquiring the Asher candy cane business from Leaf Inc. of north suburban Bannockburn.

Asher, with annual sales estimated at $10 million to $15 million, would be Fleer`s initial venture in candies. While Asher is sold nationally, its primary sales strength is in the Northeast.

Asher, whose candy canes have been sold under other brand names at Leaf, was put on the block recently along with several other confections, subsequently sold, as Leaf decided to concentrate on its core brands.

Regarding the Asher purchase, Paul Mullan, Fleer chairman and chief executive officer, told this column: “We`re looking for niche opportunities in the market . . . we think this is one of them.“

Mullan is a former Leaf senior VP, who three months ago became boss of Fleer following its purchase by Charter House Group International, a New York investment firm. Mullan has been commuting from his Lake Forest home to Fleer since he took over the job in Philadelphia.

He said Fleer is interested in other acquisitions, but didn`t say whether they might involve other candy brands.

Fleer`s purchase of Asher includes its production facility in New Hyde Park, N.Y., where Asher Candy Co., a new Fleer subsidiary, is being established.

Fleer, whose roots date to 1848, is believed to have annual sales of $60 million to $70 million, not including Asher.

The firm, whose most visible brand is its Double Bubble, claims to have invented bubble gum in 1928. Fleer has become a factor in baseball cards and football cards since 1981.

This article was originally published in the Chicago Tribune.

Link: Fleer To Acquire Asher Candy Canes