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2015 Topps Patrick Corbin Error & Corrected Variations

The 2015 Topps set has an error that was later corrected in the factory set in regards to the Patrick Corbin card (#558).

The Series Two card of Corbin that was available in packs actually features Vidal Nuno and uses the same picture featured on Nuno’s Series One card (#116).  The same goes for all of the color parallels and team set variations as Nuno’s picture is featured on all of Corbin’s cards available everywhere EXCEPT in the factory set.  The Patrick Corbin card available in the factory set was corrected to feature the intended picture.

FullSizeRender (2)
The card on the right is the corrected version and is available ONLY in the factory sets.

What makes that particular Corbin card (the corrected version) interesting and possibly even a tough chase is that many collectors that purchase a factory set never open them.  That means many of the corrected versions of the Corbin card will never see the light of day or be available on the secondary market.

The factory-packaged team sets also feature an error variation of the Patrick Corbin card.  The Corbin card (#AD-7) also depicts Vidal Nuno instead of Corbin (pictured below).

FullSizeRender (3)714zKYuDAuL._SY355_

Some of the factory complete sets feature sparkle parallels found only in specially-marked sets.  These parallels are #d/179 and as of this writing, the picture featured on the Patrick Corbin sparkle parallel #d/179 has not yet been confirmed.  It is unknown whether it features Nuno or Corbin, himself.

On a side note, the Patrick Corbin card, as well as all color parallels available in Topps Bunt, does feature Corbin, not Nuno.

As of this writing, the corrected Corbin card has only been verified to have come from the factory set featuring the 5-card pack of rookie variations.

2015 Topps Blue Box Factory Set

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